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Welcome to LabelWhoarders!

I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU! to everyone that has visited my blog today! I have created so many websites in the hopes of finding the right one that suits me, my business, and my audience. I am happy to say that I have finally found a place where I can service you all better and give you the best content that my team and I have to offer. My name is Erika Howell and I am a 19 year old from Baltimore, MD. I have been an entrepreneur for 3 years, close to 4 years, YAY! The name of my business is LabelWhoarders and we are an online High End consignment business that sells only authentic luxury fashion. We sell from Gucci, to Louis Vuitton, to Prada, to Fendi. and so much more! I first started my online fashion journey selling handmade and boutique jewelry on Poshmark. Then this grew into selling other people's luxury items for them. I am so grateful for this business because I've experienced a lot of ups and downs that has helped me grow. I'm much more closer to God and my family more than ever.

What you can expect from our blog is Family, Luxury, Fashion, Guidance, & Travel. These are all of the things that we enjoy about life. Most importantly we will be guiding you through the process of luxury consignment and what you need to know before purchasing from consignment shops and before consigning your items. Unfortunately high end consignment has gotten a lot of bad rep due to so many replicas that are being made and being sold for the same price as the authentic designers. But luckily you are at the right place because we sell all things Authentic and we will be teaching you all how to authenticate and what to look out for when buying luxury.

Aside from the business you will be seeing content about my family, I have 3 brothers and a very Supportive mother who is a lifestyle coach and real estate agent. She is the one who put the entrepreneur bug in me since 16 years old. I love making youtube videos and I have partnered up with my mom and we will be doing YouTube together! We will be talking about issues that mothers and daughters have with each other in their relationships. I will be talking about every day issues that teens go through, my traveling, and times spent with my family. Once everything is set up, I will be letting you guys know all of that information. I love all things luxury, which means all things of high quality. luxury doesn't always come at a high price. I love eating at nice restaurants, I'm always open to trying some new things lol. I'm a very spontaneous person who LOVES TO TRAVEL! I love New York city and once the time does come I will be relocating there. Lastly I LOVE FASHION! To describe my style is to describe my feelings. I wholeheartedly believe that fashion is all in your emotions and how you want to feel. I'm in love with statement pieces, items that make your outfit stand out, and I do not follow trends. I dress the way Erika Howell likes to dress because I only dress for me.

Thank you so much once again for taking this time out and reading this post! Please subscribe to our blog, you'll hear me say "our" a lot because my life is meant to be spent with others, if you are interested in what we share. Have a blessed day!

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