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Chanel Patent Leather Classic Flap Bag & TheNavy Blue Cavier Boy Bag Review!

I’m so happy to be creating another blog post for you guys and to share my experience with luxury fashion such as CHANEL! I met up with a lovely group of Chanel lovers who, FYI LOVE CHANEL, and I had the chance to finally try on my very first Chanel handbag! I’m going to be discussing what I loved most about each bag and what I didn’t like so much. 

Chanel Patent Leather Medium Classic Flap Bag:

My favorite between the two is the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Patent Leather. I’ve never been a HUGE fan of this material but when walked into the Chanel store, at Tyson’s Galleria in Virginia, and then I turned to my left and saw this beauty. The shine, the gloss,the size, and the quilted pattern just looked impeccable! I fell in Love the moment I touched it! 


This bag is more spacious than what I imagined. I don’t normally carry too much in my handbags, but I was able to fit my iPhone 6, yeah I know time for an upgrade right? Instead I also put my moms IPhone 8 inside and it fit just fine! And my set of car keys fit, I just place them horizontally. My Chanel lipstick 💄 fit and a pair of my black Chanel sunglasses fit. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the stuff on the inside but the SA helped me demonstrate how everything could fit properly. This bag isn’t tightly structured. This bag is light weight. The strap is adjustable. This helps you to be versatile with how you wear it.


If you do not take care of the structure of this bag it can very easily lose its shape. Do not fit oddly shaped items in this bag, unless you can place them horizontally. Due to the material if you overcrowd this bag it can become disfigured. Also Patent Leather can sweat in excessive heat. If this happens your bag can get sticky and get stuck to other surfaces and both materials will transfer on to each other. 

Chanel Navy Blue Boy Bag In Caviar Leather:

This bag is my second favorite. It is a size medium. The color is very rich, this bag is structured, durable, and a tad bit heavier. If you do not know what Caviar Leather feels like, it feels grainy. You can scratch the surface of this bag lightly and you won’t see a scratch mark. I did this and I’m not saying the Caviar material is susceptible to all abrasive surfaces but it is more durable.


What I really love about this bag is the structure and the hardware. I am a very busy woman and I feel much safer carrying this bag to more places and in different types of weather. The chain is very durable and doesn’t feel uncomfortable to wear on my shoulder. The color is extremely vibrant.


What I didn’t like so much is that since this bag is so structured I couldn’t fit everything in it. Trying to put my moms phone, my car keys, my sunglasses and Wallet was very hard to fit in all at once. I didn’t put my sunglasses in all the way because I didn’t want them to smash. I was also a little questionable about the chipping of the metal possibly over time.


I would definitely invest in both bags. Not only because of the look, but I know how to wear bags according to the occasion, time of day, weather changes, and my day schedule or where I’m going. So they would both serve its purposes for me. 

This concludes my review on both bags, I would love for you all to chime in the comments and add any more details about the pros and cons of these Chanel beauties!

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Have a blessed day guys!

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