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You Can Afford Luxury! How to Break into Buying Luxury Fashion

What we will cover in this topic is

Reviews on the products that I’ve bought over the weekend

How to make yourself comfortable with buying into luxury fashion 

There’s so much stigma and insecurities around the luxury fashion community because of prices, accessibility, and fear of what people are going to say about you. Now if you have any fears around shopping in the luxury fashion market then I want to help you cancel out those fears. Start off small if this is your first time getting to know a brand or if you are an inexperienced luxury shopper. But always remember that pricing isn’t necessarily a key factor in buying into luxury all of the time. 

If you are looking to take a step into the luxury fashion world then I highly recommend buy a card holder. Nearly everyone carry’s bank cards and you may never know when you may carry a Louis Vuitton Malle Petite Clutch and your Gucci bifold Wallet doesn’t fit. Ted Baker is perfect for stepping into the luxury fashion world. My kitty card case was only $59.00. And I purchased this in soho at the ted baker store.

Another great step is investing in Chanel’s costmetic line. Now I know that Chanel is iconic and so is the price point. Well her cosmetic line is fraction of the cost of her handbags lol. So this a great way to start buying into Chanel. And besides, us ladies love a great lipstick. What you see is the Chanel primer and mascara. Both were $32.00. My mom actually buys into Chanel’s cosmetic line and because of this she’s more comfortable with the brand and making bigger purchases.

Next is natural body oils and fragrances! Remember the definition of luxury branding is not about what’s trendy or fast fashion. Buying into luxury brands are supposed to add value to your lifestyle and to help you create an experience for yourself through the product. What I have here is every day oil and a perfume named Kasbah.

The every day oil was $48.00 and I bought this in soho. I have nothing but great reviews for this. I like to apply it at night and the smell is heavenly. My body felt soft and I was in a tranquil state of mind. It’s ingredients are jojoba oil, coconut oil, & olive oil etc.

Lastly the kasbah! Kasbah is a fragrance for the acquired taste. Body chemistry is important when it comes to perfumes. When I smelled it in stores I liked it. When I applied it to my body, I hated it. When I let it sit for 30 minutes, it was amazing. The fragrance is created by a Swedish artist named Johan Bergelin. The smell is very distinctive & I would highly recommend this if you are into sandalwood, vanilla, & Amber.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post and I would love to hear you guy’s responses! Please share if you find this blog helpful!

P.S. this picture was taken in a sushi restaurant called the Blue Ribbon Sushi in soho New York.