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The Benefits of Luxury Consignment.... LET'S GO SHOPPING Part 1!

What is consignment? Consignment is an agreement that you make with a consignor to give them a certain amount of your goods to them to sell on your behalf for a percentage.

Why did I decide to be a luxury fashion consignor? I decided to be a consignor because I wanted to give people access to exclusive fashion and to sell items lower than retail cost to give people the opportunity to shop for luxury goods in their price range.

1. Shopping luxury consignment gives you the opportunity to invest in rarity & exclusive pieces.

A lot of luxury fashion consignment shops sell items that the designers no longer manufacture which can increase the exclusivity of an item because it will be harder to find these items. Also many designers such as Chanel & Hermes create limited edition pieces, such as handbags made out of exotic animal skins and furs in their collection, that are extremely hard to get and are not always sold in stores. For example; Hermes bags, specifically the birkins, weren't easy to come by years ago. Now that the consignment business is flourishing it's easy to find authentic birkin bags online from reputable sellers. Their alligator skins, ostrich, and crocodile birkin bags are primarily for people that are on their waiting list, Hermes waiting list that is. BUT, now reputable consignors are selling exoctic hermes bags in different types of colors, prints, and skins. So now you don't have to wait as long to purchase one if you decided to shop the consignment route.

2. Shopping luxury consignment gives you better deals on prices.

When I receive high end shoes and accessories from my clients, I make sure to give my consumers a great deal. The beauty of this business allows me to open the door for people who never would have thought that they could buy something for this price. Also a lot of consignors, such as myself, receive pre owned items which will automatically reduce the price so that we can give our consumers a fair price. Unless the item is a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk, which is HIGHLY sought after by collectors and no matter the condition, these trunks increases in price! That will be talked about in another blog post ;).

3. Last but not least, convenience!

Our consumers love everything quick and easy. Consignors have made it easier to shop high end from the comfort of your own couch. You can shop online with most of them. I travel a lot to find items for my lovely clients and most of the time I can simply go online and shop for them. I've built a relationship with some consignors so I can receive my items in a timely fashion. The consignment business has changed my life and gave me new meaning to helping others in the luxury fashion world!

Always keep in mind when shopping from a consignor to

A. Ask for credentials. ( Ask for reviews from other past shoppers )

B. Ask for proof of authenticity ( not all authentic items have to have receipts or dustbags just to prove authenticity. But the consignor or their team should know how to authenticate their products. )

C. If you are still unsure about your item's authenticity, you can get it authenticated from a third party.We offer authentication services as well, just email us at labelwhoarders@gmail.com to inquire.

Are you looking for your next handbag, shoes, or accessories? The labelwhoarders team work for you to help you find whatever it is that you desire in your price range. Please email us at labelwhoarders@gmail.com to inqire about our personal shopping services.

Don't forget to shop with labelwhoarders to find your next luxury piece!