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Can you Obtain Luxury Fashion at any price point? The Short Answer is YES!

Unfortunately there is a lot of myths around high end shopping and one of those myths is that luxury fashion is only for the rich and successful. I'm here to tell you that that is not true and the consignment business has proven that to be a myth. Before I dive into this I want to discuss with you the true definition of luxury fashion!

1. Quality Product! LUXURY MEANS QUALITY! Now, I do love my Gucci's, Chanel's, Louis Vuitton's, and more but there are some mainstream designers out there that don't always sell quality products. But, they still claim to be a Luxury brand even though they have a poorly constructed bag with a $1,000 price tag. In one of my recent blogs ( click here ) I discussed that I went to the Ted Baker store to do some shopping in New York City. Ted Baker is one of my favorite designers & I appreciate their fun and witty garments. The cardholder that my mom actually picked for me is one of the best investment pieces that I have. I paid about $57 for this card holder and I don't have any complaints at ALL. The quality is fabulous, there is no bubbling in the leather, there isn't any messed up stitching, or any scratching of the hardware. Even though I don't mind spending a lot on handbags and accessories, it was nice to find a chic cardholder for more than a fraction of the cost if I would have went somewhere else.

2. Quality SERVICE!

Luxury is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Whether it be you're buying online or in store every customer should be treated with respect. I've been in high end boutiques in very prestigious areas & have experienced both excellent service and very bad service. When you are shopping from somewhere and you are treated as a valued customer, whether you buy or not, this will encourage you to buy from that establishment because the employees make you feel good. Great employees and brands attend to their consumers needs, answering their questions, and making YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE APART OF THEIR BRAND! This is a Luxury Experience. Now if you've received bad customer service, which we all have, than your whole thought process about the brand changes. For me if I'm shopping with a brand who goes against my morals as a human being and treats others less than, than I will not shop with this brand ever again. And there are a few high end and street fashion stores that I completely stopped supporting because of this. A luxury brand does not treat their consumers unequally no matter the price tag.

( I love GUCCI by the way! )



Here is a testimony from a young woman that I stumbled upon on instagram, Emily Munn, by the name of @emilyhmunn ( click here to check her out! ) She is a YouTuber from Kansas who discusses about reselling on social media. She went thrifting a few weeks ago and FOUND THIS! An authentic jumbo Chanel Double Flap bag for $38! This bag retails for over $6,000 in stores!

With patience and perserverance she was blessed with this treasure piece. Does this now ease your fears of buying high end? Do you now believe that you can afford luxury at any price point? This is the truth that you have been waiting for!

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