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In this blog post I wanted to talk about something that was very touchy for me. And for me that’s consistency. At the end of December of 2018 I wrote down some goals that I would like to achieve in 2019. I won’t get into all of them but I promised myself that I would travel, do more videos, & upload more quality/informative content on Instagram. I have been traveling a lot but the truth is I’m more of an intimate person. I love my space and I love being behind the scenes working. I’ve never been a social media person and honestly, I’m not going to commit to posting every single day of my life on Instagram. And I’m still trying to figure out my place in the fashion industry so that I can deliver the content that I need to service you all better. In fashion, education is more important to me than looking pretty. I love taking pictures, but having meaning behind what I post is more important to me.

Unfortunately it took sleepless nights, crying spells, comparing myself, and not seeing the value in me in order to figure this out. I watched so many fashion bloggers and influencers ( some who I still follow today and others I disconnected with ) go through so much behind closed doors while still trying to look all put together on social media. I will not allow that to be me, and I know that’s it’s ok to not be like everyone else. Since I don’t have a schedule for social media that I can commit to, I want to now be able to allow my creativity to flow naturally. I don’t want to be hooked to Instagram and forget about the life that I had before this platform.  I will be talking primarily about fashion education and the difficulties that women/bloggers have in the high end industry. I will also touch up on consignment, I am a private consignor and I am gradually branching out publicly, & authenticity of high end brands. My Instagram store will be launched within the next month and I will be very active on there! :) 

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I want my social media page to be full of life and inspiring. This is not only my career but fashion education is a huge passion of mine and as a young woman myself, I do receive a lot of back lash. But, I’m very happy that I made this blog post because I had people inbox me asking me where have I been and where are all of my projects? This blog post allowed me to be honest with you guys and myself :). 

In my next blog post I will be discussing how I came up with the name LabelWhoarders and the meaning behind this name! 

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